Signup below for In-person classes Saturday Feb 20th and Sunday Feb 21st

Hello Students and Families,

These weather conditions are unbelievable. We hope that all of you are doing well and staying safe and warm. We have seen through social media that some of you are dealing with no power and water issues. For you we wish the best. If you are need of anything please respond to this email and we will use our resources to try and help.

To make up for the missed classes for students we will be opening on Sunday February 21st with a modified schedule that will be as follows:
In person and online:

  • All Little Tiger/ White belt - 9am 
  • Yellow Stripe - 9:30am
  • Yellow Belt/ Green-stripe - 10am 
  • Green Belt/ Blue Stripe - 10:30am
  • Blue Belt/ Red Stripe - 11am 
  • Red Belt/ Black Stripe - 11:30am
  • Double Black Stripe - 12 noon
  • Black Belt Low 0-1 -  12:30 pm
  • Black Belt High 2 & up - 1pm 

In-person Signups:

*Also students, please take video of your curriculum and upload to our drop box on our website “Want to Share your Progress” — our teachers will review and send back feedback.

Upload your video here:

In addition for the remainder of the month all students may max out there weekly training by attending all 3 classes per week. Regardless of which membership program you are on. 

If you have questions please respond to this email and one of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you, 
World Class Team